NASA footage taken down by YouTube moderation (2012)

Summary: NASA’s historic landing of a mobile rover on the surface of Mars created many newsworthy moments. Unfortunately, it also generated some embarrassing takedowns of NASA’s own footage by YouTube’s copyright flagging […]

Senator asks YouTube to block Al Qaeda videos (2008)

Summary: In 2008, the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, chaired by then Senator Joe Lieberman, produced a report entitled: “Violent Islamist Extremism,The Internet, and the Homegrown Terrorist Threat.” […]

Copyright claims on white noise (2018)

Summary: Every platform hosting user generated content these days is pretty much required (usually by law) to have policies in place to deal with copyright-infringing material. However, not all content […]

Documenting police brutality (2007)

An Egyptian activist’s YouTube account is suspended for posting graphically violent videos of police brutality without context, raising questions about how activists can document abuse without triggering account suspensions. Summary: […]